MMCX IEM cables that aren’t annoying to wear with glasses… Go thin.

Recently I’ve gotten into the Chi-fi IEM Headphone world. I found that most IEMs came with these thick cables meant to invoke some feeling of higher audio quality, but these cables just don’t work with my glasses. The temples of the glasses interfere with the cable and slowly work the IEMs out of my ears.

My favorite stock cables I found were actually 2-pin and were thin and come stock on the TFZ no. 3. I was having a very hard time finding thin MMCX cables. The only option I found was a $100 pair of highly rated cables from Linum. But I don’t believe in buying $100 cables. So I kept looking and I finally found a pair of $10 headphones that come with thin MMCX cables. They are perfect, so I bought 3 pairs.

Please comment if you have your own suggestions.

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Willy Hardy is a Data Scientist at Red Hat

Willy Hardy is a Data Scientist at Red Hat