How to completely bypass AT&T Router


  1. The simplest is to put it in DMZ mode (which doesn’t really bypass it but it does remove any default firewall rules that might interfere with incoming connections).
  2. The second and more complicated way is to set up your own router in between the ONT (fiber gateway) and the AT&T router that handles all internet packets and routes only auth packets to the AT&T router (not covered in this write-up).
  3. The third and most complicated way is to unplug the AT&T router fully and use your own router with some extracted certs from any compatible AT&T router (that is not currently being used by anyone else) and let your own router do the 802.11x auth using wpa_supplicant (this guide)
  • Getting AT&T certs (tested hard way)
  • Getting AT&T certs (untested easy way)
  • Setting up your router to authenticate using AT&T certs


  • Male Header Pin
  • Soldering Iron (if using the header pins)
  • USB stick (FAT32 formatted)
  • A router that can run OpenWRT or VyOS

Please checkout this gist for the most up to date instructions.



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