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  • Spencer Shell

    Spencer Shell

    Software Designer & Engineer. Renaissance man in training. Adventure aficionado. Urban cyclist. Lives in Raleigh, North Carolina.

  • Pete Mueller

    Pete Mueller

  • Will Flowers

    Will Flowers

    Data Scientist at Red Hat (my opinions are my own). Many other hobbies and interests including travel, jazz percussion and ballroom dancing. @will_flwrs

  • Adam Chasen

    Adam Chasen

    Senior Product Manager for Pendo and Hobbyist Tinkerer

  • Matthew Wood

    Matthew Wood

    My career is a journey through hardware startups, network goliaths, full stack exposure, agency development, bootstrap architecture, and team management.

  • Mark Caron

    Mark Caron

    UX / DesignOps Manager at Red Hat. Obsessed with soccer, web standards & accessibility, and tacos.

  • Casey Hannan

    Casey Hannan

    I have epilepsy and a few tattoos.

  • Linda Van de Zande

    Linda Van de Zande

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