There are many reasons you might want to bypass an AT&T router.

Some people complain that the router is limited in specific ways that prevent you from configuring your network the way you might want to.

The most rational reason is that you will have one less variable that might effect your internet speed. I just like the idea of having one less thing plugged in all the time. Plus, it just feels right (if you are here reading this, you know what I mean).

INFO This doesn't allow you to increase your AT&T service speed outside of your paid…

As many people around the world are working from home right now, I thought I’d show how I made my home office as high quality as possible.

In order of importance I’ll talk about:

  1. Headphones
  2. Decent light
  3. External mic
  4. External webcam
  5. Optimal client for your preferred meeting system


Any headphones are better than speakers when on calls. Have you heard echos of your voice while on a call? That is probably coming from another person on the call who is not using headphones.

As the sound comes out of speakers, the mic that is picking up your voice must reject…

Recently I’ve gotten into the Chi-fi IEM Headphone world. I found that most IEMs came with these thick cables meant to invoke some feeling of higher audio quality, but these cables just don’t work with my glasses. The temples of the glasses interfere with the cable and slowly work the IEMs out of my ears.

My favorite stock cables I found were actually 2-pin and were thin and come stock on the TFZ no. 3. I was having a very hard time finding thin MMCX cables. The only option I found was a $100 pair of highly rated cables from…

My friend John was planning to go on a bachelor trip to Chisos Basin in Texas and asked me to look into finding a campsite for a few days in March 2019. Every site that we were interested in was reserved.

So I did some digging and I’ll describe how I got notified about the days and campsites that I was interested in and finally got a site for all 3 nights that we stayed.

First I went to the campsite availability page e.g.

Then opened up the network tab on the Dev console in chrome and found the api…

Willy Hardy

Willy Hardy is a Data Scientist at Red Hat

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